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About Reverend Angelle

A Brief Note to Help You Get to Know Me

I am a multi-faith minister running a small parish in Cleveland, Ohio.  Folks who fellowship here come from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life, and we sometimes have a lot of comparative religion opportunities that allow us to learn about other traditions as we gather.  

I grew up a "submarine protestant" whose family surfaced to the local Methodist church for Christmas and Easter each year.  I became interested in comparative religion in grade school.  Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Nature-based, Eastern or Other :) I am happy to offer you unconditional positive regard, even if you've never practiced any religion at all.
While I've had tendencies towards spiritual leadership most of my life, I became legally ordained in 1999.  A copy of my credentials can be seen here:


I tend to specialize in serving couples who either do not have a home church or family minister of their own, or couples who come from two different backgrounds and wish to incorporate aspects from both religions into their wedding ceremony, dedication, or baptism.

I never require pre-marital counseling for my clients, but I have 17+ years experience in counseling for couples, individuals, and families for those who seek guidance and answers.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have!

Much Love, Health and Success,
Reverend Angelle

(440) 290-9895

(216) 400-1749


Legally ordained through Universal Ministries, Rev. Angelle is a non-denominational, eclectic, multi-faith clergy who is dedicated to the perpetuation of positive energies everywhere. Rev. Angelle is available to perform weddings, handfastings, funerals and eulogies, blessings, baptisms, wiccanings, and dedication ceremonies, Holiday Rituals, spiritual guidance and counseling.

Do you wish to have ordained clergy officiate at your wedding, but do not have a home church?  Are you searching for non-denominational, affordable, female clergy in the State of Ohio you can relate to? Having a tough time finding someone, aren't you? Worry not!!! Rev. Angelle is willing to travel to you for your ceremony. Arrangements are negotiable; ceremonies are customized to suit your taste.
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Many reasons why couples select Reverend Angelle to perform their wedding ceremony:

1. Rev. Angelle is open and flexible about the design of your ceremony and will custom-design your ceremony to suit your needs; her ceremony templates are original, touching and memorable.

2. She will perform ceremonies for couples from different faiths and traditions.

3. Membership in a church is not required in order to be married by Rev. Angelle.

4. Rev. Angelle willing to officiate weddings just about anywhere in gazebos, parks, private homes, chapels, country clubs, lodges and resorts, the beach, etc.

5. Rev. Angelle will not stigmatize couples who have been co-habiting prior to marriage, or parties who have been married previously.

6. Rev. Angelle will perform Services of Union, such as same sex ceremonies and non-registered Affirmations of Love.

7. Rev. Angelle does not limit the service she offers each couple, nor does she charge "per piece" of service, like other ministers might.  Each couple gets the same attention and the same service regardless of the size of their donation.

8. Donations are negotiable.

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Much Love, Health and Success,

Rev. Angelle


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