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Reviews from couples Rev. Angelle has married.  Many more references available by request.

"Rev. Angelle was our officiant for our wedding in May of 2006. I had special requests of our ceremony being on the beach to which she came and couldn't have made our day more beautiful! It was simple but, my dream wedding! I'm not sure that just any officiant does this. Rev. Angelle not only does a wonderful job of performing the ceremony but, she is like your best friend guiding you though all the preparation prior also. If you aren't sure of how to word things, she'll be right there giving beautiful suggestions. I would highly recommend Rev. Angelle! -Dayna Gmitra (wedding location Fairport Harbor, Ohio)"

Dayna and Tim, 05/20/2006


"We had a non-traditional wedding, in fact, our wedding was themed in an American Redneck Wedding. We had a blast and Rev. Angelle was great! She got right into the part and did a nice job.
Thank you again for everything."

Wayne and Leesa, 07/01/2006


"Rev. Angelle Keiffer was amazing. I got married 2 1/2 years ago and people still comment on well and excellent she did. Thank you for a great evening!!"

Heather and Dmitry, 06/02/2007

"Angelle was most kind and helpful when it came to our wedding she directed us in the right direction and didn't want to over step our choices, she let us know that she would be involved as much as "We" wanted her to be, she was not overly influential at all, She was Very Respectable with our choice and the way we wanted our wedding to be!, I would Recommend her Services to anyone looking for this kind of respectable service that she provides!

(Wedding Location - Squires Castle -Willoughby Ohio)

Thanks Again, Angelle!!!  Blessed Be!"

Dana and Derrik, 07/07/2007

"Rev. Angelle's sincere enthusiasm and effervescent personality makes her by far the best wedding Officiant.  Her ceremony writing and performance are simply outstanding!"

Jeanie and Karl, 07/07/2007


"Rev. Angelle Keiffer was wonderful and efficient in helping plan the wedding. There was only 24 hours to schedule the wedding and she was most helpful and came early to help everyone rehearse. She is passionate about what she does."

Heather and Anthony, 01/18/2008


"Rev. Angelle provided the most beautiful service. Every single one of my guests could not quit talking about how beautiful the words she spoke. It was the most tasteful, well written service.  Our friend Frank still talks about how moved he was and he is not an emotional person. She was so absolutely professional and just a true blessing.  She said the words with such conviction and with so much love.  I recommended her to two of my friends that were recently engaged because of how much I loved the words she wrote for us.  I would recommend her a million times over. 

Tara and Mike, 04/05/2008


"I wanted you to know that I so appreciated all the help you gave us in setting up our small intimate ceremony. We didn't have alot of money to splurge on a big wedding, in fact we didn't really have any money at all. I was going thru a very difficult time in my life and facing some big health challenges (cancer) that left me with huge health care bills and expenses. Looking back on our small intimate wedding I wouldn't change a thing. It was a beautiful day, a gorgeous ceremony, we had a wonderful minister and I was marrying the perfect guy! What more can a bride ask for?! Thank you again for making our wedding dreams a reality!"

Lynn and Cliff, 06/01/2008


"The ceremony that Rev. Angelle Keiffer performed was a very spiritual one. The ceremony was done on the beach. It was wonderful and something I will never forget. It was a vow renewal."

Danielle and Sal, 07/18/2009


"To begin, our ceremony was last minute- we made many calls to many officiants who for one reason or another could not perform our ceremony on such short notice nor could we afford them if they made themselves available- but neither was the case with rev. Angelle- by way of our first phone conversation she disarmed the stress out planning the event with an impeccable balance of her gentle personality and seasoned professionalism- she respected our wishes to keep the ceremony simple and married us beneath the trees on her family property then took photographs of us standing beneath a wedding arch- i can only imagine how helpful she would be in planning a much more elaborate event- this site only allows to 5 stars to rate with which is a shame when persons like Angelle rate a 10."

John and Teresa, 05/23/2009


"Reverend Angelle was all that we could hope for in an officiant. She was very concise about her services and delivered them with much enthusiasm. I believe that Reverend Angelle would make anyone's wedding day experience wonderful because she is very passionate about what she does and is very accepting of people very different of herself. She strives to make sure that the ceremony includes everything that you (the couple) want it to and her services were very affordable."

Kate and Sean, 05/23/2009


"Rev Angelle was very professional, flexible and helpful. She helped us merge several different ceremonies and customs for a somewhat unique wedding. She also helped us customize our wedding vows even after we sent her modification after modification she never hesitated to adjust making our special day perfect. I would have to say the biggest compliment she could be given is, after seeing how well she was working with my wife and i on our wedding my daughter booked her for her wedding that had even more pieces of different types of weddings. She was the officiant at my daughters and my wedding in the same month.
Thanks again Rev. Angelle!

I would highly recommend her for your special day."

Fred and Jo, 05/24/2008


"We absolutely LOVED Reverend Angelle!!! She was warm, caring, and really listened to what we wanted for our ceremony! We were very impressed with her knowledge of music as well! Rev. Angelle has a great sense of humor and a big heart. She was more than we could have asked for!

Thanks, Rev!"

Rina and Brandon, 07/04/2009


"Our guests continue to rave about both the ceremony Reverend Angelle created for us as well as her overall demeanor/delivery on our wedding day. She even went the extra mile by ordering a copy of our marriage certificate for us when turning in the signed portion!"

Samantha and Adam, 07/04/2009


"Angelle was incredible. We wanted something so far from traditional and conventional and she never batted an eye. Even when my husband made a request for a 20 minute time change, she accomodated us without hesitation (thankful she didn't have plans for right after our wedding). My heart is so filled with gratitude for all that Angelle did for us, most especially adding those little elements that both personalized and created even more ambiance than we requested. Her ability to transform written words to create such a depth of meaning is phenominal. I can't begin to say "Thank You Angelle" enough. Our wedding was exactly what we wanted and so much more."

Pamela and Jason 09/10/11


"We Love Rev. Angelle !! She is caring and conscious about her line of work. Her positivity brightened our day. She is One of a Kind! Also i felt her sincerity , She made sure we were not stressed by sharing insight on previous events- Rain was in the forecast but i like to believe that Together We made it shine. :) Thank you Rev. Angelle!!!! We love you."

Erika and Carlos 11/11/11



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