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And the fans say:

"WoW, 30th anniversary of the day that changed an entire generation. Growing up in a rural Louisiana town,FM radio was just about the only outlet for us to get our music fix, Then we started hearing rumors about this NEW "TV show", Little did we know that from the first viewing of the "ROCKET" taking off,That we all in some degree would be changed.For the first time,for some of us, we were experiencing music from places we had only heard about, paying attention to world events,developing a political opinion. MTV brought us the first information on the AIDS crisis, LIVE AID, FARM AID, Ideas and events that in these less than Metropolitan areas,WE were part of something, WE were part of something, Everyone had a place on MTV; a format that was as diversified as the Pre-teens, Teens, and Adults that picked up the remote to tune in, A Era in time where I think that(especially where I grew up) we payed more attention to the people around us rather than trying to avoid those around us, So thank you Alan, Mark,Martha, Nina and of course JJ(RIP), and I do have to add that MTV news would not have been what it was with out Kurt Loder.. You guys gave me MY ERA with MTV…"

- Deborah Milam


"I remember watching Live Aid on MTV, videos then going to school and talking about the girls in the videos. We would talk about if we would date them or not. Seeing people wear the same clothes or knock-offs of the clothes that the singers were wearing in the videos. MTV was the station for the kids and videos. Nina Blackwood had the sexy voice that I notice a lot of people I hung around with liked. The 80's was MTV and made it great to be part of that time. Thank you MTV, VJ's and Happy 30 birthday to the moon man. Poor guy I wonder if he ever got off that moon."

- John Couch Sawyer


"This Mtv 30th anniversary celebration has made me miss Mtv more than ever!

When the 30th anniversary celebration began to show the actual launch of Mtv, August 1st, 1981, I was glued again to the tv. And then when I saw "Video Killed The Radio Star" play, I was in disbelief, I couldn't believe they were showing early Mtv again. And then, when I saw the 2nd video of Pat Benatar, and then the original VJs Martha, Mark, Alan, Nina, and JJ, I was so excited that I thought they were going to play the entire first day of Mtv. But, when they only played the first hour, I felt like the rug had been pulled from under my heart. I actually wanted to cry when they only showed the first hour.

I feel it would also teach the newer generations how amazing Mtv was! I need my Mtv back! I WANT MY MTV! I love that all of the Vjs are on twitter, I just followed them today. All of us need to demand our Mtv back!"

- Jonathan


"I was livingd in New Orleans at the time and was 22 years old, when After a year of ya'll being the tv and the only time I could catch you was either on the weekends when off of work after, So one night during the middle of week you guys were showing a world concert of a new and now my fave band. You had the lead singer and drummer on as vj 's one night. Thier names? Joey Tempest and Ian Haugland of Europe and had it not been for ya'll and that 1am concert around the world I would never had known of their music and of that band.

And what's more ever since mtv has changed in my opion my really miss it and just the music ya'll used to play.

Now I live out in another state and the music here is less than desirable for someone who comes from a big city like The Big Easy. Happy 30 MTV."

- Melanie


My parents didn't get cable until 1985 so in the early years of MTV I had to rely on going to my grandparents to watch it. I remember there was one Friday that my father dropped me off at my grandparents and let me stay all weekend long. I sat in there basement watching MTV almost 24/7. The only time I went upstairs was to eat and sleep. I could't wait for my parents to get it. And When they did, I was so hooked. I watched it religiously. Now I have satellite radio and don't go anywhere without my 80's on 8. I am an 80's girl at heart. Love you guys. Thanks for all the memories.

- Laura Impallomeni


I remember going to my friends house where I soon learned what MTV was we didn't have cable at my house. After the first day I was hooked music videos 24 hr. a day 7 days a week who wouldn't love that. So when ever I could I would go to her house and we would stay up late or maybe all nite to watch videos. I sure do miss the old MTV I thought MTV stood for music TV, I don't see much music videos on there now. I try to catch Pop up Videos when its on and I love the 80's. I still at age 45 LOVE the 80's and now listen to SiriusXM 80s on 8. Happy 30th anniversary MTV.

- Kim Harty Younes


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